Rich again ...
Here are Jason's thoughts from along the trail!  These are really `down deep' thoughts.  Next stop is Kennedy Meadows, arriving about Saturday Oct. 2nd.  I believe that at this point we only have 3 resupply boxes left to send.  However, I think they may be doing some resupply purchases on their own a couple of times.  But, it looks like only about 4 - 5 weeks left!  If, all goes well.

Yosemite Valley 9/21/2010  
Less than 1000 miles to go. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and I ask myself, "Why are we doing this?" I've been thinking that maybe I like the idea of hiking the PCT better than actually hiking it. It's like dating; everything is new and exciting, but then you get married and realize it's not all fun. In courtship you dream and in wedlock awake."  Its a lot easier to talk about doing something and watch movies about it, than it is to wake up at 5:30 every morning and try to walk 30 miles and go to bed just to do it again the next day because you want to get through the Sierras by October. Don't get me wrong, its not all bad, our relationship is better than its ever been, the scenery is breathtaking and we are doing something together that few couples ever get the chance to do, but that doesn't make it totally easy. I seem to need a destination to get motivated and that usually rests on our next resupply point and then I get so focused on that, I forget to enjoy the journey. There are so many life lessons wrapped up in that along with expectations. Expectations on the trail can be hard because miles drag on, resupply points don't work out and packs don't seem to get lighter. It's difficult not to be disappointed, but its what you do with that disappointment that shows who you really are.
Rich here...
This scan of Casandra's journal catches me up with what has been sent to us.
As Casandra said in a previous post, they left Vermillion Valley Resort on Sunday.  We had sent them a 29 pound box, as they need food for 7 days till the next resupply.  We did include some food items that they likely ate before hitting the trail again.  Some treats and proteins that were not really hiking food intended for fun and tummy bulk while spending the night at VVR!
Here are the latest journal entries from Cassandra that we received on Sept. 27th.  So, you will notice, we get these about 1 - 2 weeks late.
Cindy and I think Cassandra's journals are so fun to read, that it is best to scan them and share them as pics with you.  Just click on the first pic. It will load as a larger image, and then you can just press the next button to see the next one. 
Happy reading!!

12/17-Finally uploaded pictures to go along with the journal entries...Enjoy our journey through the beautiful country from Sierra City to Echo Lake, CA!


Hi everyone!  I'm going to make this $8 an/hour internet access worth it!  (Aaarrrgghhhhh....)

We've gone through the beginning of the High Sierra's and have made it to Vermillion Valley Resort-and we're under 900 miles to go to the border!!!

We're getting ready for our biggest section (seven days), so we're anticipating heavy packs and our biggest gains and losses of elevation to come...But it's so beautiful out here that it's worth it!

We're in good spirits, the weather has been GORGEOUS (and the extended weather looks really good, too) we have lots of good food to eat that Rich and Cindy packed for us, we're going to have a hot breakfast tomorrow here at the resort, and then we'll be back on the trail before lunch! 

We've been experiencing what it's been like to deal with disappointment lately...We're still working on it...we've been getting lots of opportunities...And as always, we continue to have our little revelations about our relationship, dream about the future, and look
forward to the end of this amazing adventure (because yes, we would like to eventually not be hiking all day long) ;) 

Just a shout out to our friends (we have memories pop into our minds all the time about you guys and miss you so much!) (I'm getting emotional, next topic...)

But our dear friends Mikey and Bonnie, are having their new movie Wrong Way to Hope (that Jason was a part of) premiring in nearby towns, and we wish we could be there to see it!  Life is going on all around us, and here we are, still hiking....

Just incase you're wondering what we're doing at any part of the day, just picture us walking, and about 95% of the time, we are.  The other five includes eating, using the bathroom, and taking pictures! :)

Much love to you all in the daily routines of your our friends would say, "Huck it Huge" with whatever you're doing!!!!

The journey continues,
Cassandra (and Jason)

Rich has added 2 more You Tube videos.  Both feture Jason and Cassandra on the trail from Etna, Ca SOBO around Mt. Shasta.
Just got Cassandra's Journal entries.  Happy reading!
Rich here, Here are the latest photos from Jason and Cassandra.  By now, they should be well along the trail again.  Well south of Lake Tahoe.  We are putting together a package to send to Vermillion Valley Resort in Lakeshore, CA.  Hopefully, the box will arrive before they do.  About 3 days from now - Monday Sept. 20th!  This resupply box will need to last them 7 days.  The next one goes to Kennedy Meadows - Inyokern, CA.  They are doing well, but need t geehrrough e Sierras befor snow arrives.
Way back near Crater Lake, OR, we met a couple that were section hiking named Bill and Jean and we hit it off right away.  We ended up seeing them a total of 3 times during those two days and eventually got their email and phone number and they told us that when we get down to echo summit, we should give them a call.  At that time we didn't even know where echo summit was, so we said sure, okay.  Well, yesterday we finally reached echo summit and called them and they came and picked us up for a night at their house in Carson City.  They are such a great couple and Jean made an incredible quiche dinner, we talked, laughed, had showers, did laundry, they took us to the store for supplies, and we got to stay in a bed for the night, who could ask for anything more.
THANK YOU Bill and Jean!!!!

Today we will head back out to the trail with sights on hitting Toulomne on Monday or Tuesday and then heading into the high Sierras!!  Yannick and Shirley are ahead of us and are planning on spending a day with Shirley's sister either in Toulomne or Bridgeport, so there is a slight chance we might see them again soon.

Time goes by way to quickly and we have to head back out to the trail.  We thank God for the amazing people that are inpacting our lives on this trip.

We don't know when the next time we will have internet access, it could be awhile.  God's timing continues to be perfect.

Rich here:
Just uploaded a You Tube video of Jason and Cassandra hiking through Tunnel Falls, Oregon.

Sorry, this is from 400 miles ago, and I'm just now getting uploaded.  Hopefully, more to come!
We decided that we would stay one more night here at the Red Moose-so now after we have breakfast and make sure everything is packed, we'll head out again towards Echo Lake-about four days from here. 

I wasn't able to upload as many pictures as I wanted to, so I've sent Northern California's card back home-stay tuned!  Rich did a great job getting so many up on the website-I had a smile on my face the whole time I was looking through them.  Jason really enjoyed them, too.  I love it!  We're already so thrilled by how much we've accomplished and I can't even think of what's to come to complete the journey...Thank you for joining us in this adventure! 

Until next time,