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Here are Jason's thoughts from along the trail!  These are really `down deep' thoughts.  Next stop is Kennedy Meadows, arriving about Saturday Oct. 2nd.  I believe that at this point we only have 3 resupply boxes left to send.  However, I think they may be doing some resupply purchases on their own a couple of times.  But, it looks like only about 4 - 5 weeks left!  If, all goes well.

Yosemite Valley 9/21/2010  
Less than 1000 miles to go. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and I ask myself, "Why are we doing this?" I've been thinking that maybe I like the idea of hiking the PCT better than actually hiking it. It's like dating; everything is new and exciting, but then you get married and realize it's not all fun. In courtship you dream and in wedlock awake."  Its a lot easier to talk about doing something and watch movies about it, than it is to wake up at 5:30 every morning and try to walk 30 miles and go to bed just to do it again the next day because you want to get through the Sierras by October. Don't get me wrong, its not all bad, our relationship is better than its ever been, the scenery is breathtaking and we are doing something together that few couples ever get the chance to do, but that doesn't make it totally easy. I seem to need a destination to get motivated and that usually rests on our next resupply point and then I get so focused on that, I forget to enjoy the journey. There are so many life lessons wrapped up in that along with expectations. Expectations on the trail can be hard because miles drag on, resupply points don't work out and packs don't seem to get lighter. It's difficult not to be disappointed, but its what you do with that disappointment that shows who you really are.
Curt Esteb
9/28/2010 02:49:38 pm

Jason, great thoughts and thank you for sharing them with us. The Lord is teaching you both so much through this trip... I'm certain, far more than those of us looking from afar can comprehend. Your honesty is refreshing. Have as much fun as you can and enjoy the adventure. These are great memories you guys will always cherish together.


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