Here are the latest journal entries from Cassandra that we received on Sept. 27th.  So, you will notice, we get these about 1 - 2 weeks late.
Cindy and I think Cassandra's journals are so fun to read, that it is best to scan them and share them as pics with you.  Just click on the first pic. It will load as a larger image, and then you can just press the next button to see the next one. 
Happy reading!!

12/17-Finally uploaded pictures to go along with the journal entries...Enjoy our journey through the beautiful country from Sierra City to Echo Lake, CA!

9/28/2010 05:34:08 am

Hi. I first read and dreamed about the PCT in the mid 70's when I graduated high school. Now several lifetimes later I'm preparing to make the trip this April.

I just found this blog about 2 weeks ago and went back and read it from their first posts and I'm enthralled with following their progress.

I realize now there isn't a way to "know" the exact date they will finish but it there a planned completion date? I live about 40 minutes away from Campo and would love to greet them when they arrive and film the occasion. Thanks!

Linda Dietsche (Dragonfly)
9/28/2010 06:18:41 am

Hey Cassandra,
I am a thru hiker PCT 1999. When I hike I use a rolled up piece of bubble wrap to put between my knees or under the small of my back when sleeping. it is much more comfortable, and weighs very little. and you can change it easily in various towns when it gets trashed.
Happy hiking!

1/4/2011 09:19:18 am

Still giving it some PCT heat! Love the pics. Thanks guys, you are blessing to be near again!


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