Way back near Crater Lake, OR, we met a couple that were section hiking named Bill and Jean and we hit it off right away.  We ended up seeing them a total of 3 times during those two days and eventually got their email and phone number and they told us that when we get down to echo summit, we should give them a call.  At that time we didn't even know where echo summit was, so we said sure, okay.  Well, yesterday we finally reached echo summit and called them and they came and picked us up for a night at their house in Carson City.  They are such a great couple and Jean made an incredible quiche dinner, we talked, laughed, had showers, did laundry, they took us to the store for supplies, and we got to stay in a bed for the night, who could ask for anything more.
THANK YOU Bill and Jean!!!!

Today we will head back out to the trail with sights on hitting Toulomne on Monday or Tuesday and then heading into the high Sierras!!  Yannick and Shirley are ahead of us and are planning on spending a day with Shirley's sister either in Toulomne or Bridgeport, so there is a slight chance we might see them again soon.

Time goes by way to quickly and we have to head back out to the trail.  We thank God for the amazing people that are inpacting our lives on this trip.

We don't know when the next time we will have internet access, it could be awhile.  God's timing continues to be perfect.


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