Hi everyone!  I'm going to make this $8 an/hour internet access worth it!  (Aaarrrgghhhhh....)

We've gone through the beginning of the High Sierra's and have made it to Vermillion Valley Resort-and we're under 900 miles to go to the border!!!

We're getting ready for our biggest section (seven days), so we're anticipating heavy packs and our biggest gains and losses of elevation to come...But it's so beautiful out here that it's worth it!

We're in good spirits, the weather has been GORGEOUS (and the extended weather looks really good, too) we have lots of good food to eat that Rich and Cindy packed for us, we're going to have a hot breakfast tomorrow here at the resort, and then we'll be back on the trail before lunch! 

We've been experiencing what it's been like to deal with disappointment lately...We're still working on it...we've been getting lots of opportunities...And as always, we continue to have our little revelations about our relationship, dream about the future, and look
forward to the end of this amazing adventure (because yes, we would like to eventually not be hiking all day long) ;) 

Just a shout out to our friends (we have memories pop into our minds all the time about you guys and miss you so much!) (I'm getting emotional, next topic...)

But our dear friends Mikey and Bonnie, are having their new movie Wrong Way to Hope (that Jason was a part of) premiring in nearby towns, and we wish we could be there to see it!  Life is going on all around us, and here we are, still hiking....

Just incase you're wondering what we're doing at any part of the day, just picture us walking, and about 95% of the time, we are.  The other five includes eating, using the bathroom, and taking pictures! :)

Much love to you all in the daily routines of your lives...as our friends would say, "Huck it Huge" with whatever you're doing!!!!

The journey continues,
Cassandra (and Jason)

9/26/2010 02:33:40 am

Glad to see you wrote on your blog and that the food made it to you! After the last time, we were hopeful. I'm beginning to trust UPS more than USPS. But then, I tend to be bureaucrat sensitive. Watch for more surprises ahead! We love you and pray for you constantly. The believers send you blessings!!

jim Belanger
9/27/2010 02:16:27 am

Hey guys you are way over half way keep on trucking.
I'm looking forward to seeing you when you finish.

God bless you and keep you both.

Your friend Jim


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