I spent the night last night here at Woods Hole Hostel and am looking into spending another night here too.  It's an amazing place and so beautiful, a rustic log cabin built in the 1880's, I can't begin to explain the atmosphere and the hospitality here.  I loaded up on amazing food last night and this morning and am feeling better than ever. 
I met a couple from Indianapolis that I had an instant connection with and hopefully will get to see them sometime in the future.

I have 614 miles left to go and am still trying to figure out what that looks like with getting Thom to hike with me some and possibly having Dave come down and hike that last week or so, it all seems to be happening so fast.

Not too much new to report right now except that I had a pretty good climb coming out of the last town and as I was at the beginning of it, a young family of four, kids were probably 7 and 5 asked if I had ever hiked this trail before?  I said no, I'm an AT thru hiker and they said, just want to warn you, its a doozy buddy.  I said, I'll do my best and watched as the 7 and 5 year olds bounded down the trail with all their energy still with them.  My theory is that if it has switchbacks, it can't be that bad.

Oh, I hiked with Team BlackCat, the first southbounders from Mt. Katahdin that I've seen since the Whites in New Hampshire.  I was with them for two days and really enjoyed their company and hearing more about their story.  Its amazing how quickly a bond can happen when you have shared the same journey.  I will probably get a chance to see them again tonight as they are supposed to come here for the evening.

Alright, my time is almost up, gotta run.


ps. saw my first skunk yesterday.....and no i didn't get sprayed.
8/19/2011 02:33:56 am

Good to see your entry! Glad all is still going well. Cindy sent out your last resupply box yesterday. BTW - today is her B-day, so celebrate!! She is on a hike to Lake Valhalla. Oh, and did you notice the map on your homepage?

4/25/2012 12:39:20 pm

My buddy and I had been just discussing this particular topic, This is always attempting to prove me incorrect! I am going to present her this particular blog post and rub it in a little!

6/3/2012 04:01:32 pm

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