I entered Vermont after taking a zero day in Hanover, New Hampshire.  I figured that I had earned a zero day after pushing through Maine and the Whites.
 Oh, how to possibly sum up the trip so far...
There are so many words and yet nothing does justice to it.  As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed Maine, it was beautiful, not nearly as bad as everyone said.  New Hampshire is also an amazing state, I loved the Franconia Ridge, it was by far my favorite part of the Whites.  I felt like I was walking along the Great Wall Of China.  Hopefully Rich can put some pictures up when he gets the sd card.
The day I summited Mt. Washington, it was socked in, didn't have much of a view, but it was still special as I literally had to look from cairn to cairn to find my way on the ridge line.  The summit was a zoo, but it was nice to head into the snack bar and eat inside.  Between the road that goes to the top and the cog railway, there were so many people up there.  I didn't stay long and proceeded to head south and got caught in a 30 minute downpour with four guys that knew each other from college in Chicago and were on their yearly expedition together.  I ended up doing a work for stay at the Mitspah hut and got to talk to them more that evening.  I have to admit, the hut system is pretty fantastic, especially when you are a thru hiker and don't have to pay the $90 bill for the night (all I had to do was sweep up the next morning).  The crew that ran it were all college aged and were having the summer of their lives, they were really fun to talk to and the food was incredible.  Thanks Mitspah Hut!!

Right now I'm staying at a hostel in Bennington, Vermont, less that one day from the border of Massachusettes.  I just took a shower and am going to go get a pizza and drink some chocolate milk.  Oh, my hitchike went alright, it only took twenty minutes and I ended up getting picked up by a police officer and brought here, not too shabby.

Physically I'm doing great, I've been putting in some long days, but feel awesome.  I haven't seen any sobo's in awhile, but I've seen tons of nobos.  Some pass on by and don't say much, and some sit down and we talk to an hour.  I felt like a celebrity for a little bit last night when a nobo was impressed by the fact that I went sobo on the pct last year, you would have thought I was a movie star.  She said, you're like 1 in a 100 that have done it sobo, of course I modestly insisted that it wasn't that impressive.  Thanks Cayenne for making me feel special.

So I'll head out tomorrow after doing a quick resupply here and will cross the Vermont/Mass. border and then I'll only have 11 states to go.  A nobo told me yesterday that I've already done 1/4 of the trail, crazy, it hasn't even been a month yet.
7/11/2011 10:27:27 am

7/11/2011 10:32:21 am

Way to go Bro!
Leave it to you to get "Street Creds" and Fame for doing things backwards! And here I thought you just had your maps upside down...lol Glad to hear that you're in good shape and enjoying your journey.

Stay Safe!

Dave Rozman
7/15/2011 11:03:45 pm

Jason you have always been a celebrity in our house. Abbi asks about you all the time and we look at the AT map frequently and I tell her about where you are. Glad to hear all is well and you are enjoying your journey. Wish I could be out there with you.


8/9/2011 03:11:11 am

you're like treebeard and going south just feels like you're going downhill.


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