I'm in Stratton, ME right now and have unexpectedly ended up here at the Stratton Motel.  So here's the story, last night and today have been pretty rainy and windy, when I made it down to the road crossing where I could hitch into town for a night in a bed and out of the rain, I decided against it and kept going South.  A section hiker stopped me and seemed really glad to see me and said that she had lost her fanny pack that had her cell phone and snacks in it and asked if I could look for it and leave it at the next gravel road crossing.  I said sure and we both just hoped that it was somewhere obvious on the trail.
I hiked about 45 minutes into this 3-4 hour section and sure enough, it was just off the trail.  I was pretty excited and knew that she would be excited too.  Now here's where it gets good, I just kept hiking knowing that we didn't have a rendezevous time, I was just going to leave it at the trailhead and continue on my way.  Just before I got to the gravel road, I hear something running down the road, I thought it was a horse, but it turns out to be my first moose and because she was running, i didn't have time to get out my camera, bummer. 
So I'm still looking at where the moose had run into the woods farther down across the road and then I hear a car.  The odds that it would be the section hiker coming at that exact time are phenomenal, but guess who is in the car and I smile and hold up the fanny pack and her hat that was with it.  She gives me a huge hug and offers to take me back into town to stay at the motel on her.  Talk about trail magic!!
I am so thankful as I was pretty cold from all the rain and would have been fine staying out, but oh man, I was able to get a cheese pizza, some chocolate milk and some donuts.  I feel very blessed indeed. 
6/28/2011 02:53:32 am

sending thoughts of more pizza your way. had some friends run into some nobo through hikers (peter pan and legs) in virginia.

6/29/2011 12:00:52 am

Hey Bro,
1.) I'm posting w/my nic because well, I just didn't want to be the odd one out...lol
2.) Only you could turn finding and toting a fanny pack into a sweet stay at hotel! Good job man, I'm sure it was a nice re-charge.


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