Last week Tuesday, I headed out from Washington in the vw van just hoping that it would make it to the Midwest.  My plan was to take it slow, give the van plenty of time to rest and get to Wisconsin sometime on Sunday, maybe Saturday if I decided to push it.  My honest thought was that it would be just perfect if something happened to it, just adding insult to injury, kind of like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. 
The first night I made it to Montana, but only after almost running out of gas.  I don't know about you, but I just wish there was some way to fill up gas while still driving.  Without Cassandra drinking her coffee, I didn't have to stop every 20 minutes and felt like I could just keep going.  It always feels like an inconvenience to have to stop, slthough putting gas in the tank is a worthy stop.
Wednesday was a smooth day, I kept waiting to hear that infamous clanking sound, or see the check engine light come on, but nothing.  The van went a pretty consistant 50mph while all the semi-trucks and grandma's in walkers passed us, but at least we were moving.  I pulled into a Walmart for the night after making it to North Dakota.  Wow, maybe the van will make it...
Thursday was another smooth day and we made it all the way to Wisconsin, and stayed only 4 hours from my friend Thom's house.  This trip isn't so bad at all, except the fact that somebody turned the furnace on outside and the temps were in the 90's!  This is just a little shocking, as Washington had only reached 70 degrees once or twice all year.
So needless to say, I made it to Wisconsin, have been at Thom's house since Friday and spend most of the time sitting in the refridgerator trying to stay cool.  Am I really ready to hike the AT and have to deal with all the humidity and thunderstorms...
6/11/2011 06:28:20 am

Hey Bro!
I'm glad the beastie is hangin in there and you're having a safe trip so far! Better stay clear of the tornados though because sound like you're going to be able to outrun them!

I love you, stay safe!



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