Rich here ... I'm back.  What a privilege to get to be Jason's blog entry guy!  This time we only have 3 resupply packages.  Quite a difference from the 23 we had for the PCT.   

Jason started hiking this morning. from Katahdin.  He spent the night at AT Lodge 
He said that there will be 5 to 7 hikers riding the shuttle to the trailhea!  And, that the first Northbounder just completed the hike.

Also, this morning we had to take Soyoung, our Korean exchange student, to the airport to fly back to Korea.  It was a very tearful morning.  We will miss her.  She was so much fun!!

We still Have Sanda, our exchange student from Moldova.  She will be flying home on the 23rd.

Check back for more updates!

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