Rich here, and ... at last ... here are some photos from Jason's first few hundred miles.  It's been almost a week since we last talked on the phone.  But, he was past the 1,000 mile mark at that time.  He did one day of 35 miles, but otherwise 25 - 30 miles each day.  He isn't trying hard, just enjoying the hike!!  Everything was going well for him.  So, at that rate, he should now be nearing the 800 mile mark!
8/12/2011 05:30:23 am

i bet tisha put that "trail relocation due to beaver activity" sign up. payback baby.

while going through virginia make sure you enjoy old rag mtn, tinker mtn, and mt rogers. i'm not entirely sure if they're on the AT though.

8/17/2011 01:50:02 am

"Blasting zone ahead" ?!

Shouldn't the sign read "Trail Closed"?


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