Just walked into Gorham, NH a few hours ago and am staying the night at the White Mountains Lodge & Hostel.  Just got a ride into town to resupply at Wal-Mart and will enjoy my chocolate milk and dinner here. 
Well its been an eventful couple of days, I finally got to see Eric.  I just happened to stop to take a break right at this creek crossing, I just took off my shoes and I hear this "Hey!!", sure enough, here he comes.  He gifted me with a little over an hour of his time and I am very thankful for it.  That same day I had a couple of bad things happen though, I lost my spoon and I broke one of my trekking poles!!  So it was a good and bad day.
I'm definitely noticing that when I get a chance to sit down at a computer, my mind starts racing and its hard to gather my thoughts, but get me out on the trail and I can tell you very clearly what i'm thinking.  "Just keep walking, just keep walking..."
Anyway, its great to be done with Maine, I loved it, especially the last day, it was amazing, I also loved the infamous "notch" so much fun.  The picture above is from there.
Tomorrow I'll be heading out to start the Whites, I'm pretty excited about that, most nobos say that its their highlight. 

6/29/2011 08:27:58 am

One state down and only a bunch to go, right on bro! Sorry to hear about your trekking pole, you should take it easier on your equipment. Proving once again that we are polar opposites, when I'm in the wilderness my mind is racing wondering where I can plug in my computer and when I'm on my computer(s) all I can think is "Just keep typing, just keep typing...). Is that wrong?
Travel safe and enjoy your chocolate cow:)

6/29/2011 08:37:28 am

P.S., you skipped some words... I believe Eric's correct quote was "Hey...what's that smell?"

Just sayin.

Love you bro.

Trek Hard!

6/29/2011 12:34:27 pm

Hi Jase!

It was good to connect with you today! I checked the status of the boxes and they were delivered yesterday (27th)...it says that after 15 days the packages will be returned to the sender (Plain, WA)...so hopefully you get there before then! :)

Keep on walking...one step at a time.

6/29/2011 01:08:19 pm

Hey! : )
Bummer about your pole. Chocolate cow sounds yummy.
So where does that leave me...all I think about is soaping???
Our package was delivered Monday so it better be there waiting for you. Between the state mix up and now the chance of returned to sender I'll be making a call tomorrow for sure :P. You better let us know that you got it or... you have to visit and keep Jake in the RV w/you!
love & miss ya LOTS!!!

6/29/2011 02:40:15 pm

Thinking and prayin' for you jboy. love you. -megsico & justin

6/30/2011 03:34:01 am

Hey Jason, Awesome to hear that one state is down. But bummer to hear about the lost spoon and the broken trekking pole. Abbi keeps asking about you referring to you as my "friend Jason who likes to Hike" it is pretty cute. Hope I will be able to join you at some point.

God Bless


6/30/2011 07:45:41 am

Hi : )!
Good news I talked to the P.O. in NH today and they'll hold packages longer for hikers...PHEW : ).
love ya

Curt Esteb
7/10/2011 03:06:26 pm

Jason, keeping track of you and praying for your journey. Excited for you. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with us before heading east. Way to keep it real... Cheers, Curt.

Kristin Getbehead
8/12/2011 06:27:44 am

Hey Jason! Aw man.. Guppy and I were in Gorham/Berlin the same time you were ;) Hope you enjoyed my home state.. good ol' NH! A few summers ago, I was a summit intern on Mt. Washington. Had the time of my life! REally enjoying reading your posts! If you need anything, feel free to hit us up when you cross into GA. We'd love to help you out! *Bring you some chocolate milk or something? ;)*


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