and no, this isn't about northbounders. :)

Every night it seems that all the spiders within a half mile of the trail decide to put a single strand of web across the trail and I spend most of my morning wiping spider webs out of my eyes and off my forehead. (I don't know why they choose that level.  Even when nobos would finally come, I would think that they would have cleared all the webs, but I'd still get them in the eyes and forehead)  So it would be pretty funny to watch me try to get the webs out of my face only to walk right into another one as soon as it was clear.

Another thing is stumbing my toes on a rock or root and being sent airborne and trying to recover without falling down.  I really wish that I could have a video camera on me during those times.  Sometimes they come a couple a day, sometimes a few in five minutes, they always get a good reaction out of me.

And lastly, anyone who uses trekking poles knows this, but they have a tendency to get stuck inbetween rocks or roots and try to rip your arm out of its socket as your continue your forward momentum.  I'm sometimes surprised that my arms are still attached.

Now if those are not bad enough by themselves, imagine all three of them happening at the same time as I'm trying to get my trail legs in the morning...
[and then I pass a northbounder... :)]

Dave Rozman
8/14/2011 10:12:48 am

Hey Jason, I checked out the pictures the other day, they are beautiful and make me want to get out on the trail. Tonight before bed Abbi asked out of the blue to look at the AT map and see where you were. I pulled open the blog to show her the pics and you had some new posts. She has a strange connection with you and knows when you are going to call and when you post.

Glad to hear all is well. We think about you often. You are now getting into places I have been so I can imagine you hiking the trail. Damascus is the town me and Jenn stayed in a few years back and rode the Virginia Creeper trail. Pretty neat place.

I have to ask about the picture of the half gallon of ice cream while it looks like you are on the trail? You packing a cooler with you.

God Bless bro


8/14/2011 09:45:49 pm

Hey Jboy,

I just have loved being able to keep up with you a little bit through your blog. I'm so proud of you. It seems God's given you some significant peace on the trail and some refreshment too. Love it. Praying you feel your heavenly Father delighting in you, every step of the journey.

Love ya brother. Looking forward to sharing stories when you come "home".


Cindy Kepko
8/16/2011 04:11:17 am

I loved seeing your pics! Glad you got new shoes after all, and that God is providing, as always. Hey, we made the big time by being mentioned in your blog! The kids got a big kick out of that!

8/17/2011 02:01:20 am

This is hilarious, Jase! I can completely picture all of this happening and it makes me laugh. :) Love reading about the journey! Keep it up!


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