Rich here,
I left my cell phone on the kitchen counter and missed Jason's call.  Oh no!!
He did leave a message at 6:00 pm Pacific time.  He is near milepost 170, about a day out from Stratton, Maine.  His cell phone battery is getting weak, and he has found it difficult so far to get good reception, and to get it charged.
He sounded good, and said he is doing well.

On a side note, we sent Sanda off to Moldova this morning.  Our hearts a aching!  She and Soyoung have become like daughters, and we miss them a lot. 
Sanda returns to many friends, and she will be volunteering at a church camp as soon as she gets back to Moldova.  She may even arrive in Chisinau near the same time as friends from Scotland that volunteer at the camp as well.

That's all for now ....

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