Reached Springer Mtn. this morning at around 10:30am and shared the summit with a few random people that were amazed to be up there as someone just finished walking from Maine.  

Its an amazing feeling to be done and to know that tomorrow I don't have to get up and walk south.  I got picked up from Amicolola Falls State Park by my friend Kristin and am staying with her and her husband and daughter just outside Atlanta.
I'm so thankful for this journey, I can't begin to express that enough.  It was just what I needed at this time and wouldn't have traded it for anything.  I feel that God has walked this trail with me and has lead me to find the peace, contentment and understanding that I needed.  

As I'm here, I'll try to spend some time thinking about some of the highlights and share those, but for right now, I'm going to enjoy my pizza and chocolate milk and sleeping in a very comfortable bed tonight.

Thanks Kristin and Guppy!

Dave Rozman
9/10/2011 09:43:03 pm

Congrats Jason! I can't wait to see you on Tuesday.


Matthew Morrison
9/11/2011 04:46:44 am

After finding your blog I'm just way too curious: how the heck are you getting home?!!! hahahaha.

This is Matthew form the Wayah Bald shelter. Michael and I are happy for you to have finished on 9-10-11 like you had hoped. 10:30 am sounds like you beasted the rest of the week as well. Congrats!

Since we met you I dislocated my shoulder, Michael reset it,we finally saw a bear- it was awesome, and we managed to anger an entire swarm of hornets that chased us and stung us head to toe. I have over a dozen blisters and a pair of scabby swollen kneecaps. But we made it to Fontana Dam and it was the best week of my year. God is good- can't wait to do the Smokies!!!

Your company was a blessing and I am happy you have completed this chapter of your journey. God bless!

Eric Bow
9/11/2011 01:49:21 pm

Hi Jason,

Congratulations on completing the trail. I must admit that given your state of mind and hearing your own comments I wasn't quite sure if you would. I'm so very happy to hear that the trail was so kind as to provide exactly what you needed. Just another reason why our National Scenic Trails are so wonderful. Isn't it hard to believe that just a short while ago we were greenhorns and now we're both grizzled veterans of long distance hiking. Take care and enjoy your well-deserved recovery!

Curt Esteb
9/11/2011 11:58:25 pm

Jason, so proud of you buddy for setting goals and living your dreams. Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment. We would love to see you when you make it back to the PNW. We need the one on one account.

Cheers, Curt.

Rich and Cindy
9/12/2011 02:04:06 pm

Thanks for the call!!
We made it to Driggs, ID tonight. Wev'e seen lots of new and awesome scenery.
Craters of the Moon Monument was outstanding. Brought back lots of spelunking days memories.

Followed the Salmon River yesterday all the way to YD Idaho and saw Paul and crew. On to Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone tommorrow where we will stay for 2 nights.

9/13/2011 02:18:08 pm

Yeah, Jboy! You did it! Praying for your transition.
Would LOVE to see you. Justin and I move to Oregon next week (Thursday!) If you're in Central Oregon...please come see us. Even if you're not. :) Come see us and come climb with us at Smith Rock!

Love ya brother,

The Kepko Family
9/22/2011 11:10:41 am

Hi Jason,
We just checked in to see your progress and were surprised and happy to see that you've finished! Remember us? We tried to get you some new shoes that day at the Big Meadows Wayside. Anyway, glad that you arrived safe, and very sound, and I pray you have a smooth re-entry into real life.
God bless you and your future endeavors!
Cindy and the gang

7/24/2012 12:33:59 pm

Thank you for every one of your effort on this website.


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