Well, here is another quick blog just to let everyone know that I'm still alive and doing well.  I'm in Erwin, TN making a quick, or not so quick, food resupply so that I can make it to Hot Springs and soak in a tub.

Tennessee has been beautiful.  I spent a night at the highest shelter on the AT, so that was a fun little novelty.  (although the shelter that sleeps 15 was filled with a college freshman orientation group and it was windy and in the 40's, but I'm not complaining)

I'm really looking forward to making it into the Smokies, it will definitely be a highlight.  (once again, my brain is all over the place trying to cram info onto a computer screen as quickly as possible.  sorry about that)  My body is holding up amazingly, I feel really strong and my energy level is way up there.  I'm not in a hurry to finish, but the reality of the trail coming closer to an end is starting to set in and I'm starting to think about the responsibilities that I will have.

Anyway, still loving the journey, God has been so good in this process.


Glad to hear that you're still tracking well bro! Stay safe and enjoy the sweet smell of the Smokies!


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