Rich here - Jason called from Delaware Water Gap, PA.  That's about 900 miles so far!  He took a zero day there.  He said it has been really hot.  So hot, that he sent us his sleeping bag!  He got a bed sheet from one of the places he stayed, and is using that instead.  He meets 30 or so NOBOs each day.  They tell him there are lots of rocks ahead.  He sent us his video cards, about 2 hours worth!  But, no still photos.  I will attempt to get some photos off the videos for the blog?!?  We are sending a resupply box to him at Harpers Ferry, WV.  That's pretty much on the Maryland/West Virginia border.  He expects to be there in 10 to 12 days.  But, we made him promise to give us a call before then!  It seems strange to be just sending 3 resupply boxes for the 2700 miles.  This being the second.  When we sent 28 for the PCT.   He is "Lovin' It".  Although he admits to days of confusion about his relationship with Cassandra.  We think of her often as well! 

Jason here- I'm really hoping that those still photos are just in a different format and that they will be up shortly.  I know that I could see them on the camera before I sent them home, so hopefully its just a minor delay.  I'm prepared to go and re

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