Now that I probably won't see any of you on the trail anymore, when I tell you my name, quit asking, "No trail name yet???"
I've decided that one of the main reasons I don't have a "trail name" is just to annoy northbounders.  I don't know why its so hard for you to accept a name like "jason", but maybe its because you have a silly made up name and wish that you could just be who you really are.

Here's to being who I really am.

(ah, I feel better now)
8/3/2011 07:47:28 am

It's in your blood "just to annoy them" :P it's a Boyes' boy thing!
CALL US!!! : )

8/9/2011 04:56:05 am

i think your name should be "jasrrddhhhrrrgdgmmbrakklkeeon" because you know that's hard to say.

8/9/2011 05:04:01 am

you could have even more fun with them and say your name is "swine flu", "axe murderer", "cannibal", "voldemort's bff", or "the mouth of sauron". oh, i could come up with some great names, but you're right, "jason" is just fine.


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