Right now I'm in Salisbury, CT where I got my first resupply box from Rich and Cindy and I'm also celebrating one month on the trail!
Massachusetts was beautiful, Mt. Graylock was really spectacular, I got there just after sunset.  
I am really loving this journey, I keep telling others that I'm not trying to go fast, I just really like hiking, I love the motion, I love testing my body, I love stopping and attempting to talk to nobos [northbounders] ( a lot seem to just fly by me thinking i'm just out for a couple days or something, maybe I should take it as a complement...)  There has been a lot of diversity in the trail, one minute on a ridge top, the next down in a farmers field wishing that there were ears of corn to eat.  Its beautiful country up here.
The next few states will go by pretty quickly, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and then the dreaded Pennsylvania, which the nobos have been warning be about for a long time.

On a more personal note, I feel like I had an ah ha moment on Stratton Mountain, where legend has it that Benton Mckay came up with the idea for the AT.  I had thought a lot about my relationship with Cassandra and still had lots of questions and was trying to figure things out and get answers for myself, but for some reason when I was up there, I just felt a peace about it, almost as if it was okay to just let it go.  Not the letting go of I don't care anymore, but the type that says just be okay with what is happening, God is still in control.  A phrase that keeps running through my mind is, "It's because of Mercy."  I'm not sure exactly what that is all about, but it sure has comforted my thoughts and I've had a pretty consistent smile on my face since then.

So, I'll be leaving town here shortly after a stop by the bakery to pick up something tastey.  I pass about 20 nobos a day, some stop to talk, others just keep walking, some tell me about how badly I need to get a trail name.  Some noteable nobos I've talked to recently, Eats & Jet Pack, Why Not? & Balance, Mike, Trash Can and I've talked to a few and never got their names.  This is a soci   
7/17/2011 11:14:35 pm

Jason, so Glad to hear that things are going well and that God is speaking to you and healing you while on the trail. You are right, God is in control and he has something amazing planned for you and your life. Take care and be safe

Abbi and I just checked the map to see where you are, she asks when you are going to come back and visit almost every other day.

Grace and Peace


7/18/2011 02:07:39 am

Well Bro, I'm glad to hear you had an "ah ha moment" instead of an "ah ha movement" on the trail though either way I'm sure you'd be walking better afterwards... Seriously though, I'm really glad to hear that you're NOT setting your pace to meet deadlines or pre-conceived notions of where you "should" be. Allowing the the "Journey" itself decide your pace and the experiences you receive is your best call yet. This way, you are always right where you should be. Also, I think you should consider "Sojourner" as your trail name. It fits you. You're rarely in a rush but always on the move and you never stay in one place very long...lol

We love you and the kids say "Hi".

8/11/2011 10:54:05 pm

Jason, Praying for God's Mercy to be evident to both you and Cassandra at this time. May His presence and peace surround you and bring you back to the place of your first love with Him and with each other. Blessings to you in your journey on the AT.


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