Jason here, just a really quick post to say that I am spending a zero dale in Daleville.  Just got back from going to Little Caesar's and getting a couple of pizzas to tide me over.

The hike continues to go really well, I saw 16 bear in the Shenandoah's, mostly cubs and nothing to worry about, the best was a mom and two cubs up in an apple tree eating apples, or maybe it was the cub that startled me as it did a rapid rappel down a tree as I walked by. 

I pushed to get here for this zero day and had some trail magic help along the way, God is definitely looking out for me.  Anyway, I've gotta run, its a 20 minute max and there's a line up all of the sudden, but I'll try to get back on tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers, the joy I experience is almost overwhelming.

8/13/2011 04:07:36 pm

Hey Bro,
Sweet pics! The green is every bit as lush as I remember. Glad to hear that things are still going well and I hope you had success with Sierra Trails. Enjoy your "Zero" day and travel safe.

We love you.


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