I personally really like Red Robin, I have had nothing but good experiences there and I couldn't think of a better place to have a celebratory meal.  When the waitress came up to our table, Dave keenly mentioned why we were there and what I had just done and the waitress obviously didn't really understand what had happened, but word got passed around the back and eventually the manager came to the table.  (after I got about 4 refills on my freckled lemonade (it has too much ice).  So the manager says, so I hear that you were gone for awhile, I said yep, I took a long walk for 3 months and thought a lot about Red Robin and the all you can eat steak fries.
She said we are glad to hear that and your meal is on us.
Look at that, trail magic and I'm not even on the trail anymore.  Thank You!!!

So here's what I had:
5 refills of freckled lemonade
1 Bonzai veggie burger
3 baskets of steak fries
1 monster size mint brownie shake

Our table was filled with baskets and glasses and stuff everywhere.

I love Red Robin.
9/14/2011 11:11:27 pm

Do I smell a future sponshorship for your next trail?

day tree
9/15/2011 08:17:28 am

i can't think of a better way to celebrate, except maybe with their garlic fries!

9/16/2011 11:04:30 am

flippin loved your last two entries bro, yeah, red robin seems to always come through and what a feast you had! the manager better have comped you ! (:
i love your perspective from trail life to 'normal' life, i've been wondering myself lately what is 'normal' life? whatever it is, i seem far from one. see u in a few weeks!!

7/24/2012 12:34:28 pm

Thank you for every one of your effort on this website.


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