Tomorrow is the big day.  Am I ready?  Umm.  Can you ever really be ready for walking a trail for 5 months?  I'm excited to start hiking, to feel the joy in my heart, to put miles behind me.  Its going to be an awesome journey.
Today we went to Waterton Park and took the ferry down to Goat Haunt and walked the 8 miles back to the Waterton townsite going across the international border to get some pictures and video.  It was the perfect day, sunny and hardly any wind.  Stacie went with us and Rich and Cindy made me proud by being a part of the journey, I can't tell you how good it is to have them here at the beginning.  I'm sure that Rich will put some pictures up once they get back home.
I carried my full backpack, just to do one warm up hike with it and I loved it, it was comfortable and packed really well.  This is the first time I trained with it on, so my shoulders are pretty sore right now.  Mental note, next time, train while wearing a pack next time.  It will all come back naturally once I get out on the trail. 

Now if the weather will just hold out...
6/20/2012 07:07:42 pm

Hope you enjoy the day best of luck dear.....


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