Stinking Ticks!!!

On my fourth day from the Canadian Border, I felt an itch on my right side, but I just kept hiking thinking that it was just my backpack strap rubbing against my side.  When I got into camp that afternoon, I decided to check out what what causing the itch and I had four little welts, and one of them still had a tick attached.
I did not expect to deal with ticks at all in Glacier National Park, so it came as a total surprise.  I even talked to a ranger about it and he didn't seem to concerned, so I stored the bites in the back of my mind and just kept going.
Well, three days ago I started getting a fever, a headache, abdominal cramps, nausea and the other symptoms of R.M.S.F.  So needless to say, I've started on antibiotics and am hoping that a full recovery is just around the corner.  Its not often that I get sick, let alone get a tick type illness, what are the odds.  
Don't worry, its not contagious, unless you get bit by a tick, so watch out...
I'm just glad to be off the trail and dealing with this and not out in the middle of the woods hoping to make it into town before it gets worse.
But this was not the reason I got off the trail...

7/7/2012 07:19:31 am

Hey Jason - Dang! those ticks - we have seem many ticks on the trip so far but no bites. I am sad you won't be in front of us this year but also very happy for you. Take care!


7/7/2012 03:07:47 pm

you tease. just admit it. you got off the trail to see the euro cup finals.


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