Well, in case you have never actually met Rich and Cindy Cram and have only heard about them through this blog, you are really missing out on two of the most amazing people on the planet.  I cannot say thank you enough.  This couple has not only headed up the resupply process of all of my trail hikes, they have been some of my closest friends. 

Rich and Cindy offered to drive me up to the trailhead in Waterton Lakes, Alberta, Canada as a way of being an even bigger part of my journey and I'm pretty excited because we are all going to hike in to the border together.  It will be great to have them start the trail with me since they have been such a huge behind the scenes presence.  Cindy mails the resupply boxes and packs extra goodies in there and Rich keeps up the blog and is my technical advisor.  They are the first ones that I call when I get into town, after the pizza place of course. :)

So thank you Rich and Cindy for all of the support and love that you have given to me, you are truly God's trail angels.

6/15/2012 03:33:22 am

It's so true, Rich and Cidy are amazing and unique in their fervor for loving on and taking care of people! They are such a blessing to everyone they meet!!!


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