Rich here ... Jason checked in this morning.  He arrived in East Glacier at about 10:30 MDT.  The camp sites the Park Service had assigned him to made it so that he only could hike a half day each day, so he finally decided to hike past one yesterday, and gain one day of hiking.  This evening he called Cindy.  He found Machine and Step.  They hiked the PCT in 2010, and Jason has always wanted to catch up with them, even though he did meet Step on the PCT briefly, but never Machine.  They will be having dinner together, and then heading back on the trail tomorrow.  He plans to hike with them for the next few days.  Step has a Spot that he triggers often, so we can follow that.  Step's blog is at .  Machine's blog is at . 

Oh yes ... Jason saw his first Grizzly Bear!  I guess it was a close encounter.  He says he has it on video, so will see if we can post it later.  And, I'm sure the story wll be better told by him.

Cindy will be mailing Jason's first resupply box tomorrow, along with his Bounce Box.
Jason Boyes
c/o General Delivery
Elliston, MT  59728

ETA July 3rd!
Curt Esteb
6/25/2012 03:25:36 pm

Hey Jason

Awesome... You are off! We are a little slow on the uptake, but finally plugged into your blog tonight. Thought you were leaving on the 26th. Have you in our thoughts and prayers. Hoping you have a grand adventure. It was a pleasure having you spend some time with us this Spring! The family is looking forward to following the trip. We love you! Oh, can't wait to hear about the Grizzly encounter. Glad you are safe. Do you need us to send new boxers? :)
Curt and Lisa

Team Black Cat
6/27/2012 09:57:08 pm

Happy hiking from your GA friends.

6/28/2012 10:56:45 am

Glad to see you are off and hiking again Jason. I look forward to another summer of living vicariously through you. Can you just hang a left at the end and head up this way?



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