I'm really not a fan of birthdays, not to be all bah humbug about it, but it has just seemed like anohter day since I was about 13.  I'm the guy that forgets everyone else's birthday in hopes that they will forget mine in return, actually it has taken a lot for me just to write the fact that its my birthday, (I must be turning into a softie)
Right now I'm looking outside and it is overcast and windy, the perfect day to sit inside and read a book or watch a movie.  But that is not the plan for today for today is the beginning of the next adventure.  We are going to head out for the Chief Mountain trailhead and get this walk started.

Birthday update, as I was sitting here typing, I heard singing in the other room and Rich, Cindy, Paul and Stacie walked in with a Happy Birthday sign and a little cake with a sparking fountain on it.  All this trail magic and I'm not even on the trail yet.  Thank you everyone!!

Alright, its time to head out, thank you for following this journey.  My prayer is not just for safety, but that my heart will be open to hear everything that God has to tell me.

6/20/2012 07:07:08 pm

wow the cake looks really delicious............ I want to eat this:-)


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