So I decided to go ahead and apply for my permit in advance in hopes that I would be sure of getting the itinerary that I wanted, but a lot of life is about not getting what you want and learning to be happy and excited about what you actually get.  I  was hoping to be able to start at the Waterton Lake terminus, but they gave me one that starts at Chief Mountain instead.  Overall its not a big deal, I understand that the Waterton Lake entry leads to the highline trail, which will undoubtedly have a ton of snow on it and could be seen as being dangerous, but I tried to non-pretentiously state that I had done the PCT southbound and am no stranger to snow, but it didn't seem to make a difference to them.  I am still planning to give them a call the week before I leave and see if it might be possible to actually still do the highline trail since there will be a more accurate idea of how much snow will actually be up there.
I don't regret applying in advance, but I don't know if it was worth the extra money since I didn't get what I wanted anyway.  I will be happy with whatever though, it would probably be more pleasurable to do it later in the summer some other time anyways.

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