When I was out hiking the AT, some people would ask, "So are you going to hike the CDT next year?"  And I said, I have not thought about it at all, I'm not trying to be a triple crowner or anything, I'm hiking right now just to process this whole divorce situation.
Well wouldn't you know it, I get back and start back up with work, start looking through some of my photos and videos and then I start to get the itch.  (no not the rash again, but the itch to hike and adventure again)  There is something in me that feels so alive being outdoors and hiking long distances.  I'm not saying that I was made to do it, or that this is my God given gift, but I do love backpacking.  I especially like the idea of being out in the snow again and route finding like in Washington on the PCT.
So I started looking on ebay and bought a few pairs of shoes and got some CDT movies and the guidebooks, so it looks like, God willing, I'll be heading out on another adventure this summer Southbound on the CDT.
I haven't thought about hiking partners or anything, but I'm open to any ideas.

Here's to another long walk with my Creator...

Eric Bow
3/6/2012 12:09:37 pm

Maybe we'll meet again along the trail. I'll be a CDT Northbounder battling the snow in the San Juans in Southern Colorado. :-) From Novice to Triple Crowner in a little over two years. If you thought about this a few years ago, you'd probably think you were a bit crazy, right?! It's an obsession. HA!

6/12/2012 02:05:13 am

You are an amazing man Jason, and in some ways I envy your ambition to once again go the distance on the CDT. I will follow your blog posts and pray always that your encounters with the Lord along the way will feed your soul. Leaving on your birthday has it's significance in starting the journey and celebrating along the way. Enjoy those Colorado Rockies. Some good memories left there years ago. God bless your journey, remember His hands and feet are there with you along the way. Bronco


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