As I've mentioned before, I love to walk, which translates very easily into a love for hiking, which in turn means a love for backpacking.

 The PCT was labelled "Our Walk" because the focus was on our marriage and trying to make it the best we could, but it was not enough to save it.

The AT was "My Walk" because it was me dealing with the reality of divorce, which was not a pill easy to swallow.

Now the CDT is "A New Walk" because that's just what it is, a new journey, a new reality, not carrying all the baggage, but treading lightly with God seeking Him above all else  Above my marital status, above the heights of the trail, above it all.  Seek first His kingdom and all these things will be given to you.

So here's to a new reality...

6/15/2012 03:38:44 am

Jason, you have a lot of strength to be so broken before the Lord and in this world.

Peace and strength to you brother!

Lisa Esteb
6/27/2012 04:42:41 pm

Well put dear friend.
Walk on,
Lisa & Curt


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