Cassandras note with the Journal entry says they will likely just bring the next Journal Entries with them.  Only about a week to go now!!
Curt Esteb
11/6/2010 05:37:13 pm

Loved the notes, soon to be none... You'll finish quickly with faces smiling in the sun. Your feet so sore, and bodies weary, your adventure is almost done. Family and friends are thankful your trip was full of fun. Next time you write, your packs light, you'll leave us with great news. Your trips complete, you're northward bound, I-5 never felt so sweet. Enjoy the ride, and the rest, you hucked it huge on the Crest.

11/7/2010 07:14:34 am

Hi again -

I think we're two days behind you now? We're in Idyllwild on Sunday the 7th, leaving tomorrow morning. Darren doesn't have his spot anymore - he loaned it to his brother-in-law on a motorcycle trip through Baja.

We're not plannning on going particularly fast through this next section, thinking about 20 per day (why rush once we're through the snow?) so our chances of catching you are pretty slim, but hope all is well - keep us updated on your progress!


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