we live in north central washington state, so why do we want to road trip all the way down to the mexican border, isn’t that like doing the pct in a vehicle before you walk it?  yep, except you do it in three days instead of five months.  my thoughts were, if we are going to attempt the trail, then let’s jump in with both feet and do everything that we can to get submerged in the whole culture.  the kick off is like a big pep rally for pct hikers, around 700 people show up including thru hikers, section hikers, trail angels, groupies, organizers etc.  we will all congregate at lake morena state park out side of san diego, 21 miles from the border right along the trail, for 4 days of getting to know new people (hob shnobbing as i call it), listening to people share about water sources in the desert, food ideas for the trail and even watch some short movies that people have made from previous trips.

neither one of us has been to anything like this before, although cassandra has been to some rainbow gatherings in the past, this will be a new experience for us as a couple.  one of the exciting things is that since we will be going southbound, this will be a chance to meet some of the hikers that we will potentially be crossing paths with later on.

there are also some details that we haven’t fully figured out and this is the perfect place to get some answers, such as how to load the trail points onto the gps, which by the way, i sent the first gps back because i was having trouble loading what i wanted to load and it wouldn’t take the shaded topos.  

anyway, we are going to try not to be tourists and do our best to fit it.  oh yeah, and of course, life is all about relationships and this is a chance to build some new friendships and make some connections with people.  we’re just jumping on the ship, the fellowship.

don’t be a goofus, don’t be a goofus


ps.  i’m actually in it mainly for the movies, i’m addicted.  rumor has it, the national geographic pct documentary might be shown.
4/23/2010 12:14:18 am

Well, I read the entire Blog site and I'm SO impressed. I will be praying for you both that your trip will be everything and more that you hope for. How exciting! Love to you both and be safe! x0x0 Aunt Mimi

Farm Arm
4/23/2010 04:46:54 am

Hey guys,

So excited for you. I just echoed to Kady last night about how cool it is that you arn't dabbling but going for this thing all the way. I think its exciting you're attending the kick off. Give it some heat! Praying for the van, and hoping you have a fun time, even if it is a bit stretching. Just with the van remember you are on vacation, no need to stress about schedule. As far as the money goes tho, no advice sorry. :) Love you guys.


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