♥It would be such a joy for us to receive a note from you while we're out there♥ 
We think the best way to do that is for you to send your things to Rich and Cindy, and then they'll go ahead and put those into the next boxes that they send out.

The address is:
Jason and Cassandra Boyes
c/o The Cram Family
19210 West Side Dr.
Leavenworth, WA  98826

So we're off again, trekking to Snoqualmie!  Your continued prayers mean so much to us...

Dear Rich, Cindy, Marc and Dakota,
We really can't put into words how thankful we are for all that you've done for us in these last couple of weeks.  Our hearts are full to the brim with the love that you've poured out on us!  (And our tummies are full of good food, especially ice cream!  Thankfully we're getting back on the trail to lose some of the weight!)  

In hind-sight, I think that God probably had us right where we were supposed to be-A place where we could be loved on in such a special way.  There sure is lots of love to go around here at the Cram Inn!

We leave you with the longing to be back here again at our journey's end, and want you toknow that we love you very much.  Marc, we'll miss you but can't wait for snowmobiling season again!  Safe travels :)

Cassandra and Jason

7/9/2010 05:25:05 pm

Cassandra and Jason,

I love your journal entries...I've been thinking of you both and wondering how the trail was treating you! Now that, I've been updated - I will be praying for rapid snow melt, as I remember how exhausting (and dangerous) snow travel can be...I'm sad not to see you until the fall- as I was hoping to catch you before your journey began, but I will be eager to give you both a welcome hug back...and I WILL BE PRAYING for your safety and hope you have a fabulous trip : ) Love and Blessings, Tisha

Lucy and Larry Mann
7/12/2010 05:34:59 am

Hi Jason and Cassandra - we were so disappointed to find out that we missed you at Deception Pass on Saturday by only an hour or so! I worried all night about you trying to cross Daniels Creek but the next day we met Bo, Tam and Shawn and they said you hiked down the Deception Pass trail (and right by our campsite at Hyas Lake) to go up the trail to Cathedral Rock - thus bypassing that dangerous creek crossing. What a relief I felt! We are praying for you to have a successful hike and hope that you are enjoying it - at least most of it :-)

7/14/2010 06:43:00 am

Hi Lucy and Larry!!

I can't believe we were that close to you! Yes that creek crossing was something else. We tried looking for a way over it, but we came to the conclusion that detouring and having our lives spared was the better option! We're glad you ran into those guys! We enjoyed them so much. I bet you were surprised to hear about us!

We hope you keep following us, and thank you so much for praying! We are enjoying a lot of the hike, especially just being together. :)

You enjoy yourselves! We're off to White Pass!

Cassandra and Jason


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