Best trail town: Tie between Stehekin and Trout Lake
Best view: Sourdough Gap
Best section of trail: Wind River Experimental Forest
Best ice cream: Cram-Inn's Grapenut/Chocolate
Best Pizza: Little Caesars, Wenatchee
Best camp spot: Wind River Experimental Forest/view of Mt. Hood
Best daily mileage: 26
Best labeled section for SOBO: South of Snoqualmie Pass
Best place to stay: Cram-Inn
8/1/2010 02:18:47 am

Hey Boyes'
Have been thinking of you guys so much lately and praying for you.
Know that you're loved and I can't wait to reconnect in the fall/winter. :)
HUGS! So proud of you guys. Givin' it some heat. Good work! :) LOVE YOU!


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