Jason writes on July 28th ...
It's been almost 6 weeks since we left the Canadian border, and now we are starting a new state.  It's hard to not think about all the snow that we encountered, and we are so glad to be through it. We will still encounter bits of it in Oregon, but not nearly the same.
It's been so good to share this journey with Cassandra. We have laughed together so much and really enjoyed each other. Our days start out with one of us asking, "Do you want to go for a walk today?", and the other one thinks about it foa a little bit and says, "sure, why not!"
Basically we walked about 500 miles and still have  around 2150 to go. Our spirits are high, our bodies are trying to keep up, and we still have a long way to go.
We will soon be encountering Northbounders on a regular basis, which will be exciting and time consuming, all at the same time.
Right now - its off to mail stuff home and get a box of donuts!

God, thanks for walking this journey with us!

8/1/2010 12:19:28 pm

Hey guys---This blog is so awesome! Thanks so much for sending your thoughts and photos to Rich! What we are reading is such a blessing to us. Cassandra, thanks for the wishs on Facebook the other day. We miss you guys so much. Not just for the roles you filled here at YD and the huge help you are in so many ways. Food has worked but not quite as good as Cassandra did it and Jason what can i say? i miss our conversations so much. But most of all we miss your friendship. Sharing life together in plain off and on the last 3 years has been such a blessing to Kady and I. The joys and marital blessings you are experiencing out there is such an encouragement to us. We continue to pray for you guys, thankful to journey with you through prayer and this blog. You guys are awesome, thanks for being frieds. Shane

8/1/2010 12:44:13 pm



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