Hot pool on the left, cold pool on the right-so amazing!
I am so pleased to be sitting here, drinking my coffee, and doing my last internet update before we reach the border...nearly five months have gone by!

It's our last stop, but what a great stop!  We only had to walk 10 miles yesterday, which when you're normally walking 25 seems like a walk in the park, so they just flew by and we were in town later in the morning.  We checked in to Warner Springs Ranch and found our really cute little cottage, showered, took a tour around the grounds (we think it's like an amusement park!), then came back and got ready for the hot springs...

So amazing-these pools are huge and they play peaceful music over speakers and provide noodles so you can just lay there and soak it all in...and that we did!  Satisfied from a good soak,  we went to the golf-course across the street and ordered our lunch and dinner for the day.  After I ate, I had to lay in bed to keep myself warm-I was chilled from the soaking!  I ended up falling asleep and Jason went to do our laundry and catch-up on internet-stuff.  We later went to the T.V. room and watched the Seattle Sounders lose to L.A. and got caught-up on Prince William's love-life.  All in the name of "rest".

Sleeping these last few days has been torturous...we're in bed around 7, and when we awake in the night, we usually find that it's only 10:30 or something, and it feels like we've already slept all night!  We toss and turn the rest of the time-our bodies are achy so it's hard to lay in one position for long-the night just drags on and on...It's horrible.  And now that the time has changed, mentally it's going to be even more maddening.  But alas, FOUR more nights!  We slept very well in our comfy beds last night, thankfully.

A couple of days ago, while we were at Paradise Cafe eating dinner, I was telling a gentleman that we were planning on walking 25 miles a day so that we could be done on Friday.  He said "Now don't miss the journey!", implying that we were rushing ourselves.  And I was like "Our 'journey' has been almost five months long!  We haven't missed anything!  We want to get this thing done!"  So that was that and we're very happy with how all of this has come together.  We've given it our all-and let me tell you, there have been some days where "all" has be A LOT.  We've gone through so much, seen so much, felt so much-we're ready.  Standing at that monument at the Mexican Border...while being surreal I'm sure, is going to feel SO DAMN GOOD!  Ha ha :)  

Sara & Josh Morrill, friends of ours from our first year together at YD Adventures, will be involved with our big Hurrah at the border, and we're so excited for that!  We're trying to be done as early as possible on Friday, which will be sometime either late morning or early afternoon-so celebrate with us!  Raise your glasses high and praise God for a safe and beautiful adventure for the two of us!  Thank you all for being here, checking in and leaving your comments...We've felt supported and encouraged the whole way!

We LOVED this message from our friend Curt:

"Loved the notes, soon to be none... You'll finish quickly with faces smiling in the sun. Your feet so sore, and bodies weary, your adventure is almost done. Family and friends are thankful your trip was full of fun. Next time you write, your packs light, you'll leave us with great news. Your trips complete, you're northward bound, I-5 never felt so sweet. Enjoy the ride, and the rest, you hucked it huge on the Crest."

So until San Diego...
Cheers everyone!
Mama Cindy
11/8/2010 03:19:46 am

Oh man...it just doesn't seem real that this journey is about to reach the finish line! I feel like I am forgetting something... no more boxes to send out! Cheering you on to the end and really looking forward to having you back home again. Enjoy the "after trail" vacation!

Papa Rich
11/8/2010 03:30:24 am

In full agreement with Mama Cindy!!

Kady :-)
11/8/2010 04:08:43 am

You guys are AWESOME! We so want to be there to celebrate with you! Next time go north so we can have a big party! :-) We look forward to the day when we can get our arms around you with hugs and hear more of your amazing adventure! Way to GIVE IT SOME HEAT! :-) Sendin' ya some Plain lovin'! :-)

jim belanger
11/8/2010 12:10:02 pm

Hey guys,

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about all of your adventures that you have had. Gee it seems like yesterday that we were on the trail to Stehekin.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May he make his face shine upon you.

Keeeep ooon truckinnnn

Your friend,

Lisa Esteb
11/8/2010 12:46:33 pm

Boyes, so excited for you guys!!! We want to see you and celebrate your adventure! We will be in Leavenworth on December 3rd. Are you going to be around? If so, can you put us up for a night? The floor is great... Let us know. Love Lisa.

Oh, it will be all 4 of Teamesteb.

Eric Bow
11/9/2010 03:37:06 pm

I've been following your blog and looking at each update, monitoring your progress along the trail. I'm so happy for the both of you that you've made it all the way this far. You're right about the border. The feeling is surreal. Enjoy the feeling of pride as well that comes from such an accomplishment and the time reflecting on how much you have both achieved in those five months on the trail. Congratulations!

Marti, Jerry, Gage, and Gavin
11/10/2010 10:57:24 am

Hi Kids!
Wish we had read this earlier - don't know when you'll have a chance to read it.Anyway, we are sooooooooooooooooooooo
proud of you both and can hardly wait to have you home for Thanksgiving. We know the Lord has definitely blessed your journey each step of the way. We're looking forward to hearing all about your adventures for months to come! Love you both and have saved lots of hugs! A cheerful fire in the fireplace, Kenai, Frankie's Pizza, Red Box, Settlers, and your family all await your return! ;-)
Love and blessings,
Marti, Jerry, Gage, Gavin and Kenai

Mark Griffith
11/11/2010 08:25:32 am

I met you today at the store in Lake Morena. Way to go you two!!! Woohoo! For those of us who are just getting started, you are the folks I really needed to see today. I guess God puts everyone in certain places at certain for very good reasons! :) I wish you the safest next 20 miles tomorrow and a hearty congrats on your EPIC journey. Be safe!

Mark Griffith

11/13/2010 01:17:13 am

Congratulations! It must feel good to know that you won't have to put the miles tomorrow, or the day after, or even the next. You are finally DONE.

For us, it took a while to finally realize we were done. Those last few days on the trail were the hardest. After 10 days our feet are still recovering from those 2650 mi.
Since you guys are done with the PCT, give is a call so we can catch up.


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