Cassandra wrote on July 28th
I loved being in Trout Lake...It reminded me of being home in Plain, quaint, pretty, friendly people, tourists coming and going....We really had a good rest there.  One of the locals brought us back to the Trailhead - thanks Lisa!!  She was great - wish we could have gotten to know her more.
Buzzing from the rest and then the excitement of almost being through WA.  We walked nearly until dark trying to get to a decent place to camp, but due to the terrain, we pitched the tarp right on the trail.  Hopefully no one was doing any nighthiking!
This section was chock full of flowers!  It made for some pretty walking - although there would still be times where I was tired and I would try to force myself to enjoy them...."Look. See how pretty the flowers are?  It's so great to be out here!"  And then the voice on the other shoulder is saying....  "No.  You're so tired and your feet hurt and it's hot out and your pack is heavy and now you're walking uphill...."  :-)  Such a basket case!
We camped on top of a mountain the 2nd night with great views of Mt. Hood.  And the mosquitoes weren't bothering us so we laid on our sleeping pads and just admired the sunset and the moon shining brightly.  Mt. Hood looked as if it were going to sleep for the night.  That was a pretty special evening.  Usually we just set up camp, eat some dessert then fall asleep!  zzZZZZ!
The next day we went through the prettiest forest I'd ever seen. And it was an "Experimental Forest" which I have no idea what that means, but it was beautiful.  The day before, we were walking through during the Golden Hour, and the sun just drenched the leaves in golden light and made for great hiking!  Oh, the Golden Hour with my Megsy.....!

 We passed a lot of section hikers this time!  Talking with them truly takes up some time but many are fun to talk to.  We're going to start meeting the NoBo's (Northbounders) soon.  Wow!  We're in Oregon!  It's so hard to believe that we've WALKED here!  It just feels so normal...
Other Memories:

Ø      Ice Cream at the Stabler Store!  So yummy,  it was so warm outside!
Ø      Soaking my feet in the creeks.
Ø      Jason and I talking about what kind of car we would get.
Ø      Cinnamon Graham cookies.
Ø      Blackberry brambles...on the trail...errrrrrrr!
Ø      Seeing the Columbia River from afar.
Ø      A viewpoint with Hood, Rainier, Adams and St. Helens.
Ø      Hot and sweaty.
Ø      Bad mosquitoes, then flies.
Ø      Walking over the Bridge of the Gods in Oregon!
Ø      Realizing more and more that Jason and I are doing this!

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