its crazy how fast time is going by.  we have just over 2 months before we hit the trail and still have quite a bit of work to do, but its coming around.  we spent a few hours the other day scheduling out our maildrops so now all we have to do is figure out what to put in them.
we got our adzpctko(annual day zero pacific crest trail) confirmation email, so now we just need to get our van back from the shop so we can make it down to california.  it was the typical car repair scenario, take it in to just make sure its all running smoothly, get an exhaust leak fixed and BAM!!  it seems like everything else needs to be fixed.  needless to say, cassandra isn't so excited about it and feels like we are getting scammed, but i trust that this is a good scenario.  i've had the van for ten years and haven't had to do too much to it, so its about due.  i just hope that after all of this, it will be good for quite awhile.
alright, back to backpacking... last night we finished our sleeping quilt!!  pretty sweet.  we realize that it is going to take a little getting used to, but its a part of us now that we spent hours and hours making it.  it definitely saves weight, but in saving that weight it just means that we will need to sleep really close and constantly make sure that there are no places for the heat to escape.  its a blanket ow, not an easily tightened mummy bag.  the next project is our net tent that goes under the tarp to keep the bugs away.
well, this isn't a very exciting post, but its just a step in the process, more to come later.

4/18/2010 01:30:09 pm

Hey, I see you guys are heading southbound on June 16th. My girlfriend and I are heading southbound on the 15th. Where are you guys coming from? We're out in Fort Worth, Texas. I haven't run across many other people that are heading SOBO! Have a good one. Feel free to shoot us an email.

Tim & Rachel
[email protected]


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