Sitting at Big Lake Youth Camp, I'm still processing the fact that we just hiked the state of Washington. Scenery has been outstanding, we see a mountain in the distance and then go walk around it. We've started to encounter Northbounders that stated at the Mexican border. crazy guys that are racing to be the first ones to the Canadian border to get a prize that doesn't exist. It's a journey, that's it, whether you do it in 3 months or 6 months, 15 miles a day or 0 miles a day, it doesn't matter.

As Keith Green said, "You can run to the end of the highway {or trail} and not find what you're looking for, to find yourself you've got to start right here."

There's something competitive in the heart of man that needs to be put to death and left unchecked. It leads to nothing but trouble. I find that competitive urge coming up sometimes when my mind says you should be doing 30's, or you could probably be doing 40's like those guys. I quickly think about how I would rather enjoy the time with my wife and the views on the trail. I already know my identity and it has nothing to do with being the guy who finishes the trail first.

My identity comes from my Creator and it has nothing to do with finishing the trail!

Jill Foss
8/9/2010 09:11:38 am

Oh Jason. You are a neat guy. Love reading these posts so much.

Love, Jill

8/10/2010 11:11:57 am

It does feel good to compete sometimes. I mean I love the court, but I agree I don't find my identity on the basketball court. However it still feels so good to compete, in an healthy way.

Dave Rozman
8/15/2010 05:57:14 am

Amen. Thanks for the Sunday Sermon Jason. I probably would have that competitive spirit on the trail, and sometimes in life, and am glad I have people like you in my life that knock me back to reality.

Praying for you and casandra and Jen and I wish we could be on the trail with you.



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