Taking Donna and Jeff out for Mexican-my favorite!
Our time here at the Saufley's is going to go down in history!...because we're still here!!  And so the story goes that we decided that we would take two zero days and really just enjoy all that is Hiker Heaven.  We took the Saufley's out for Mexican food and really enjoyed their company, along with Donna's son and his girlfriend.  Afterwards back at "home", we enjoyed lounging on the couch, snuggled in blankets while watching more videos, drinking hot chocolate, getting some lovin' from Sir Buddington O'tay (Buddy the dog), and visiting with Donna as she came in to check in on us periodically...some good R & R, that's for sure! 

We had a good-morning chat with Cindy back at home and filled her in on the latest.  We certainly look forward to those check-in phone calls with the Crams!  (We just love you guys to pieces!) And so we were pretty much packed and ready to go and figured we would leave early that afternoon...

Now Donna and Jeff were heading out and she asked if we would stay until they returned so that we could all say goodbye and she could get our pictures, and that was no problem with us!  It was about two when they returned and they threw it out there that we could stay another night if we wanted to...oh man...tempting!  By that point in the afternoon, if we had left, we really would have only walked about 8-10 miles, and really admist the big picture, that's nothing compared to being able to relax another evening and sleep in a bed!  So there went day number three!  We jumped on some bikes and rode into town to get more pizza!  And on the way we saw a hiker named Ramzova (trail name) whom we hadn't seen since northern California, and he was to later join us in Hiker Heaven...And then there were three!

Overnight, we awoke to it downpouring!  I snuggled into the blankets evenmore, so thankful we had decided to stay another night!  That morning, ofcourse we had thought that we would be leaving, but the weather had changed into massive dark clouds filling the sky, with the occasional dumping of rain-and we were like "OK!  Day number four!"  Jason took advantage of the time and made a phone call to our good friend Shane back at home.  They chatted for awhile and talked a little about the possibility of them coming all the way down here to come and get us!  That would be a full-circle journey for us because they brought us to the beginning...that would be so amazing.  I'm feeling the love from them just thinking about doing that!

Later on, we got a surprise phone call... 
Our friends from Washington, Eddie and Leeann, said they were on their way here to see us!  Our first visit from friends...so crazy!  We ended up going to Happy Hour :) at that same Mexcian restaurant and shared a good meal and some margaritas together, as well as updates from their lives and some from our journey-we thoroughly enjoyed our time together before they headed out on their road trip back home to Washington.  Thanks you guys for coming to visit us!  You're now a special part of our adventure!

The evening got even better...It began to really rain and thunder, and big, intricate bolts of lightning streaked across the sky-it made us feel really good about having stayed another day-you know, like a legitimate reason.  So we snuggled up on the couch and again watched some movies and just relaxed.  

I decided to pop onto Facebook, and here, within seconds, I receive a message from our friend, Mikey Lang, that he's trying to get a hold of us.  So here comes Donna, telephone in hand, and she gives it to us saying that it's our friend Mikey!  Completely excited, we went into "our" bedroom and put him and Bonnie on speaker phone and proceeded to have such an amazing chat, catching up on what life has been like and what we've seen God doing in our lives...we were thrilled to have talked with them!  So many amazing things have been happening and it felt so encouraging and uplifting to receive such good news.  We love those two so much!...and miss them dearly.  Now if we had left, all of our surpise interactions with five different people would not have happened!  Don't you just love that?!  I do!
We slept well in our cozy bed again...and here came day five!  The weather was supposed to continue to be stormy all day, so we were convinced, along with Ramzova, to stay one more day until it worked itself out.  So funny!  I mean, FIVE days?!  Yep!  And now we feel like we sort of completed one segment of the journey, and by the time we get back out there, it will be like the start of a whole new adventure!

We walked into town today to get some exercise...a whole two miles! :)  Ofcourse we bought more pizza and icecream!  (We've definitely been able to put on a couple of pounds while here!)  Now we're ready to get back out there...it's been incredible to be able to rest for so long...really, really rest.  And getting the chance to experience Donna (L-rod) the way we have has been so great!  We've been so cared for and loved on by her and Jeff-they're such a memorable part of our adventure...

We're heading out tomorrow (I think!  That's what we've said the past three days!)  And it's supposed to be windy, but atleast partly cloudy and not really warm (which it can be and makes hiking miserable), so we'll deal with what we have to and will be in Wrightwood in about four days! 

Curt Esteb
10/23/2010 04:24:50 pm

Nice... Way to go big you guys! Love reading your blog and keeping up with you.
Almost there... how exciting! The pictures are great. Checking in weekly.
Love, Curt.

10/24/2010 06:08:33 am

At last I'm getting onto your blog. Wow, I really missed a lot!! FIVE days ... how incredible!
So glad you were able to get so much needed rest to to connect with so many friends. It just proves that you guys are super special!
While we are anxious for you to come home, we certainly do not wish that you miss these God opportunities! Lovin' on you guys through prayer.

10/28/2010 04:26:12 am

Hi Jason and Cassandra - Glad your hike is going well, and wanted to say hi because I'm bummed I haven't had the chance to meet you! Just got to Wrightwood, and many people have told me abou tthe couple that was here "a few days ago."

Keep truckin, we're getting there! Hope your journey's been amazing.

10/29/2010 01:10:53 am

Jason and Cassandra really do want to meet you as well. They called us from Wrightwood just 2 days before your post. Hope it works out! We are sending their last resupply box today. This adventure is nearly over. Wonder what's next?!!


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