Jason checking in @ Steven's Pass
Back on the trail!!  Jason is anyways :)

Jason has mended well these last few days, minus the weird symptoms of nausea and headaches that lasted a couple of days.  His shin isn't swollen anymore and he only experiences some pain every once in a while.  So not quite %100, but good enough to be feeling the itch to get back out there.  

I, on the other hand, feel like I need a bit more time to allow my knee and achilles heel to mend more.  I've seen a marked improvement these last few days though...I'm able to go up and down the stairs without holding onto the railing, and my walk has much less of a limp.  

We both felt so good the other day that we went to town and did some errands...and saw the new Twilight movie...thanks hubby   :)  

So we woke up nice and early this morning (ugh).  It was sunny outside-what a great morning to get packed up and ready to get back out there!...We got in the car and started driving towards Steven's Pass...the clouds loomed in the distance...then the windshield wipers got turned on...then the speed of them got turned up...(why does it have to be like this?!) Memories from the first section come to my mind.  

When we got going, the rain had slowed to a light drizzle, so that was good.  I walked with Jason a couple of miles down the trail, then bid him farewell...He's going to have to deal with the elements without me...I'm going back to the sun!

Join me in praying for Jason!  This is an awesome opportunity for him to be out there with his Papa-adventuring through the Glacier Peak Wilderness.  He's hoping to make it to Stehekin, and maybe meet the group of Southbounders coming the other way.  Then he'll come back to get me, and hopefully I'll be ready to head out again, and resume from Steven's Pass going south.  We're flexible and up for what the journey is to be, though...so we'll see.  He should have quite a story to tell when he's done  :)

Here's some pics, as well as my doctored-up artsy shots from my stroll back to the car...

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