for me, the old pct was a very doable option.  river and creek crossing were all possible, down trees had paths around them, it was not nearly as exposed as the section north of rainy pass, so i would recommend taking the old pct.  with that, conditions are not the same for everyone, i have found out that a group of southbound left a couple of days before me and came out at milk creek and didn't make it through, so everyone needs to make their own judgement call.  be wise, there is still lots of snow above 5000 feet, the weather has been warmer the last couple of days, but that doesn't mean that the trail is bare.
i hope others will get more views of glacier peak than i did.
i also didn't see much in the terms of wildlife, no bear, no elk, no deer, just marmots, pikas, chipmunks and birds, although i was really glad that i didn't see any mosquitos either.
overall its a beautiful section, it was nice to be on actual trail for longer periods of time and i look forward to doing it again sometime later in the season.

oh, and just a reminder if anyone is out this year around cady pass, keep an eye for that pct atlas in a zip lock.  :)


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