Feeling victorious! And hucking it huge ;)
The 200 mile mark has been passed! 

Beautiful weather was such a blessing on this section.  The scenery was just spectacular-beautiful valleys, alpine lakes, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains (Glacier Peak!)...Glorious.  We still walked over 70 miles (total distance unknown due to detours) and had our fair share of being tired, sore, scared, wet, hot, scraped, jabbed, and frustrated, but it was all worth it!  We did it together, and God was faithful to provide all that we needed to complete the journey :) 

Day One Photo Gallery:

Day Two Photo Gallery:
Day Three Photo Gallery:
Day Four Photo Gallery:
A letter to some new friends,

Beau, Tam, and Sean (I hope I spelled your names right!)  it was so fun meeting you guys!  To share our tales, laughter and some information with you was a highlight for us!  We thought of you so many times, whether it was they're going to hate this!  or they'll be glad there's no snow here!  We hope you made it out safely and enjoyed your adventure.  And I joined the club with the scratched-up legs!  Unfortunately.  It was awful and brought me to tears!  But we made it out Monday, and we're on our way again today.  Hope to hear from you guys again!  Peace out!

We've had a great visit here in Snoqualmie, and now we're ready to head off again.  Curt and Lisa, seriously, so good :)  We LOVED seeing you and Kristen!  And our dear family took really good care of us, feeding us yummy food and giving us great company!  We could stay here much longer but we really gotta get going!  Gavin, happy, happy birthday to you dear brother.  Sorry we're going to miss celebrating the big 3-0 with you!
So our next destination is White Pass, approximately five days from here.  We're following the footsteps of a few other southbounders-wonder if we'll ever catch up?! 
We're on our own from here!  No more family visits, so it feels kind of weird.  But we're off!  Hucking it huge, giving it some heat...all of the above.

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