Rich here...
Cassandra called from Trout Lake.  They made it a half day faster than expected. 
The trail has still had lots of snow, but not anything like the first week.  Cassandra feels God used that first week to prepare them for these past weeks.  Under normal hiking circumstances, they would have been tough.  But, now the miles seem comparitively easy!
The views have been fantastic!  And, they loved the goats through the Goat Rocks.
So far they've not met any thru hikers.
It was a 13 mile road from the PCT to Trout Lake, and it took 2 hours for them to get a ride.  But, they are now looking forward to a good night's rest in a real bed.  They have rented a room in the back of the Trout Lake Grocery.  It's very nice, and they even get a tv to watch!
Anyway, all is going well.

Also, we got journals from them in the mail for the Snoqualmie to White Pass section.  I'll post those tomorrow.
Jill Foss
7/23/2010 11:10:00 am

Every time I get on here, I cry. Thinking of you often and praying for you. I am enjoying your pictures and your posts so much. Much love, Jill

7/26/2010 02:03:04 pm

Oh Jill! We love you! :)

Thank you for praying for us! It's such a wild rollercoaster out here...Some times it's utterly amazing, and other times it's completely awful! :) What a stretching time this has been but also just an incredible adventure! So we're in Oregon now! A new state to meander our way through...I wish I had iron feet, though! But I don't...and they hurt...But we love getting to see comments like these on here! Thanks, Jill-Thinking about all of you at the Ranch...often!



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