Here are the latest pictures that Cassandra sent to me.  It is likely to take you a week or 2 to get through them all!!  Have fun. - Rich
9/5/2010 03:26:07 pm

I'm with out words...just the pictures speak volumes for your experiences. I'm so thankful for you guys to be doing such a trip and sharing it. I can only imagine how refreshing it must be to be out there pushing yourselves...just thriving!

Its been said that happiness can be found in two places, in the moment of the experience if you are present enough, but usually its found in the memories of your experiences...make some good memories.

See you soon!

9/6/2010 02:47:40 am

absolutely awesome pictures!! i wish i could leave comments for particular pictures, but "get in there and get that! it's yours!"

Curt Esteb
9/6/2010 02:02:03 pm

I'm totally satisfied and jealous after seeing those beautiful pic's. Oh, and nice "air" over crater lake. Peace-


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