We've heard lots of good things about the town of Etna.  We just needed to climb out of Seiad Valley and go through the Marble Mountain Wilderness first.  The climb was hefty...I was glad when we were done.  But somewhere going up that, we crossed the 1,000mile mark!  Woo hoo!  Feelin' good.....

The Marble Mountains were beautiful!  Lots of flowers still in bloom, green, water, rock walls, views - just amazing.....  And we saw a bear cub!  Our first PCT bear - thankfully momma didn't scare us off from admiring it for awhile.

Etna came pretty quick.  I was nearly running down the trail to the road to hopefully find a ride into town.  Thankfully a family was stopped taking some pictures and I approached them with a question.  It then came up we needed a ride and they agreed to take us!  It was a pack house, but we got to Etna, bought some goodies, and found the town park to set up camp.......and then came the sprinklers....!!

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