Hi Everyone!  It's Cassandra writing, and I'm so pleased to say that Jason and I have 
made it through the first section! About 80 miles down to Stehekin!  We made the decision to come home for a little bit of time to heal and let the snow melt a little bit more before we head out again!  It feels GREAT to be home-alive and loved!  We're so encouraged by your comments and thankful again, to Rich for keeping you updated.  Your prayers mean so much and have been felt quite literally by us.  It's been an unbelievable journey!  I'll post our journals and pictures from the last week for you-again it feels so good to be home for a bit...and sleep in a bed   ; )

Jenna & Tom
6/24/2010 11:36:48 am

We are so glad to hear you made it through the first section and are doing well! We are sad to hear, however, that you are in the same predicament as us: postponed by snow. We hope you get clear trails soon and head out again before too long. We will be out in July, heading north.

6/24/2010 01:13:40 pm

You might remember me from the Kickoff...

It was great to hear that you had made it through to Stehekin--a real accomplishment given that everybody else seemed to be turning back--but I'm not surprised you want to pause before tackling the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

After seeing all the early reports and the snow sensor data, I went ahead and pushed my start back a week to July 6. Hopefully by then the pervasive snow will be history and it'll be down to patches in the shady gullies and on the north slopes.

I'm still looking forward to catching you guys around Kennedy Meadows :)

6/24/2010 01:28:05 pm

love you guys. so proud of you! and so fun to share in this journey with you.
pray for you every time we pass mountain springs and I wanna run in and visit you but you're not there.
miss you guys.
love you guys.
give it some heat! hugs from Megsy!!!!!!!

Heather Darnell
6/28/2010 07:51:17 am

Prayed for you guys at Saturday night prayer (my last time at this church - we start driving Friday from Washington to South Carolina.)
I will continue to pray for your rest, healing and strong return to the trail!
Heather Darnell


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