Hello!  Cassandra in the house...or on the screen :)

I finally got myself off of the recliner from a nap (Oh yeah you bet-  The recliner was INCREDIBLY comfortable!) and with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I'm ready for some blogging!

First of all, I want to invite you to view a new website:
These two have become a HUGE joy to us recently!  They are also walking southbound on the trail, along with having already kayaked the Inside Passage from AK to the US, then hopped on the PCT, then they're going to bike the rest of the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina!  Hel-lo!!  A transcontinental triathlon!  Yannick and Shirley also journal and post pictures, and you'll find our shinanigans together starting on Entry 30 (find the green dots at the bottom of the page).  They updated that yesterday and posted pictures of the last two weeks on there too, so you can see a little more of what we're up to! 

We've been making incredible progress lately. With the High Sierra mountains still off in the distance, we've been pushing forward with a mission of getting there before too late into the season.  We'll experience multiple passes there in which the highest elevation we'll reach is over 13,000 ft-so we for sure want to be there before the weather gets too foul.  Yannick and Shirley are much more disciplined than we are, and by adapting more to their kind of schedule, we've been able to put in 27-31 mile days.  We just love walking with them so much, but we do recognize the extra effort we have to put in trying to stay with them.  It's worth it ;)

We still are fascinated by the scenery-and it was fun revisiting Castella, where we stopped on our road-trip down to the Kick-off.  I wasn't able to walk the trail with a Latte, and Jason threw up several times at the store, but it was a memorable stop! ;)  Poor guy...He's feeling better...

Jason and I have been having a lot of conversations lately about our future, our "bucket lists", dreams, cars we would buy...We're so free from distractions out here and our thoughts just run all over the place.  It's been so fun!  So far we've realized that we're not quite ready to settle down yet and that we desire to invest some upcoming time visiting our families together.  We don't know what that looks like exactly, but it's been wonderful exploring the depths of our hearts together...

"Indescribable, uncontainable.
You place the stars in the sky and you know them by name.
You are amazing, God"

"All powerful, untameable.
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim,
You are amazing, God"

This song by Chris Tomlin has knocked my socks off as I've heard it on my mP3 player a couple of times.  Tears stream from my face mulitple times when I connect words like these to what we're doing right now.  I feel so blessed to be able to be out here living a dream.  God continues to woo me day after day..Through the pain, through the scenery, through our friends, through my Hubby...He's good at using multiple mediums! :)

Well, time to move on!  We've had a good rest here at the Heitman's-they're an amazing couple and it's been a joy to visit our first "Trail Angels".  We got to sleep in a tree house on air mattresses (heaven) and watch A Bug's Life, as well as eat a-mazing food saturated with calories-oh yeah! Yannick and Shirley needed to get to a big city for an REI so they left trying to hitch-hike to Reno.  We'll miss them for a couple of days but are confident they'll catch up and we'll be together again! Tomorrow we're going to try and make it to a place called Drakesbad.  Good food and hot springs-sounds like a worthy stop!

Cheers to Northern California and to the half-way point coming in the next couple of days!!!

We'll be here in the next couple of days, whoooohoooooo!!!!!

9/1/2010 01:49:31 pm

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...
It was a great first 2 months following your progress... Way to go big. Cheers, Curt

9/1/2010 02:01:00 pm

We just sent the next resupply box to Beldon. It should be there on Tuesday. Found out that it is illegal to mail wine boxes with the labels showing. But the post office man was kind, and found a bunch of stickers to paste over all the words. The box looks pretty interesting. But, we didn't want to wait another day, what with the long weekend coming up!


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