Rich here ...
Cassandra and Jason made it to White Pass!
They made it this Monday around 1:00, picked up the supply box, called in, and are headed back on the trail this evening for a few extra miles.
They sound fit, and eager to keep going!
They found snow above 6500 feet, but it never gave them any severe problems.  That said, they were glad to have ice axes and trekking poles.  They encountered a few hikers this time.  But, no thru hikers.  They are curious as to the conditions ahead, so if anyone has an idea, please leave a comment!
Cassandra has sent a copy of her journal, and when it arrives, I'll post more.
Curt Esteb
7/20/2010 03:27:16 pm

Thanks J&C for dropping into the Esteb casa last week. What a fabulous surprise! We were so excited to see you guys. Your picture documenting from Stevens to Snoqualmie rocked... Nice work. Will be following along weekly. Peace / Out.

Cheers, Curt.

Carie Bussey
7/21/2010 05:43:37 am

I'm the female 1/2 of the couple you met just south of Chinook (celebrating 15 yrs :)); thanks for the travel tips as we made it to Crystal after your motivation! We've thought of you both often over the past few days and think it is fabulous what you are accomplishing. Looks like you got over the snow after Dewey LK no problem! We wish you the best, and may your journey continue to be blessed by Him. Safe travels! - Carie

Troy Bussey
7/22/2010 04:27:05 pm

Jason and Cassandra - I see that Carie already commented, but I wanted to add that it was a pleasure meeting you near Chinook Pass. I also enjoyed your website. It is very inspiring both in terms of your overall trip and your speed in reaching White Pass (especially with those conditions)! We'll enjoy following your travels. Cheers! Troy

7/26/2010 02:10:56 pm

Hi Troy and Carie!

It's so great to hear from you, and we have talked about you two several times on our journey! We just loved seeing you guys! It makes me smile to know that you made it to Crystal Mountain-
We've made it to Oregon and are now enjoying a fantastic room at the Best Western! An early anniversary present, maybe? Well, I think there will be several more of these on this trip! :)
Hope we can keep in touch! Blessings to you two!


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