Hello "Jason and Cassandra Boyes ABoyesLIfe Pacific Crest Trail~2010" blog site readers!! My name is Gavin Neyland and it looks like I get the mic for a few minutes. So J & C arrived at the Summit Inn at the Snoqualmie Pass on Monday evening.  My parents picked them up and brought them to our house where they planned to stay until  Wednesday. We all enjoyed a nice time of relaxing, resting, and eating with them ( :
   J & C said their goodbyes and I drove them back up to the pass around 4pm on Wednesday. We took some fun pics and then they were off... at least for a couple minutes. Cassandra quickly realized that she had left her trek poles back in my dad's truck. So they decided the best thing to do was to go back to the house, get the poles, stay one more night and leave early the next morning since they were already getting such a late start that day.
   Interestingly enough, that night as Cassandra was checking her facebook she came to find out that their good friend Mark Hume, one of J & C's YD supporters, had just had a terrible crash on his bike and broke his neck! He was in the hospital awaiting surgery for the next day and was taking any calls from his friends and family. So both J & C were able to give him a call that night and give Mark their love, prayers and encouragement. Looks like God used their "delayed one more night" time to give them an opportunity to love on their friend Mark.
  So the next morning, after a large blueberry pancake, eggs and hashbrown breakfast, my parents and I drove them to the trailhead and said our goodbyes around 9am.  
"Love ya J&C! God Bless!"   -Gavin 

7/15/2010 02:17:27 pm

Thanks for the update Gavin.
Such a surprise to hear they decided to stay one more night, but glad to hear God had an important "date" in store.
It was so much fun to finally meet your fam!

7/17/2010 02:36:03 am

Good luck guys! We just completed about 100 miles of southern oregon (from the border to crater lake) and got into lots of snow, so we pulled out again. doesnt seem like its our pct year (we had some scary times and close calls in this last section). good luck- i hope you continue on down south!
tom & jenna.


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