Leg 3 begins! First snow at one-half mile
Rich here ...
Boyes are back on the trail!  Cindy and Marc took them to Stevens Pass to head Southbound on Friday at 1:00.  They hiked part way with them, till they hit first snow.  MJ Crandall lives at Stevens, and hiked the first mile with them.  Cassandra's knee is almost healed, so she is wearing a knee support.  Jason has a swollen ankle, but it is not bothering him.
Now, we wait until they reach Snoqualmie Pass before we hear from them again. 
Hopefully, that will be around Thursday, July 15th. 
Cindy and I had to take Marc to SeaTac on Saturday morning, so we dropped off their "Bounce Box" with the Neylands.  The Neylands will pick them up at Snoqualmie Pass after they arrive, and take them home to resupply.  Of course, Neylands are hoping they stay for a couple of days.  They miss Jason and Cassandra a lot.  We were so glad to meet them.  We hit it right off, and had a great visit with Jerry, Marti and Gavin. 
7/11/2010 02:05:38 pm

Well, bummed we didn't get to see you guys off one last time. But now you are off. Hopefully we'll get to hear from you soon. Never hesitate to call. See you in November.


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